Straighten Teeth without Braces

by Dr. S. Kent Lauson – New Early Orthodontics

It is a long held belief that teeth can only be straightened with braces. But what if we told you there was another way? (And we don?t mean dentures!)

It?s true! Your kids can get straight teeth without braces, extractions or surgeries if they start early enough. Our kids start as early as age 5 and we treat patients up to age 15, helping them avoid braces, when possible. If traditional braces are needed, we can still help, but without expensive surgery or painful teeth extractions.

How does it work?

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6 Reasons to Consider New Early Orthodontics

Thirty years ago, braces where considered bulky, and those who wore them may have been labeled ?nerdy?. Thankfully, it has evolved since then, not just in the technology that makes it more simple and effective, but also in the overall perception.

No longer ?brace face?, kids are excited to get new colored bands and are seeing orthodontics as self- care. Braces and aligners are showing the resources and priority of the wearer, thus removing the stigma once associated to orthodontic care.

NEO is a new concept in orthodontics, demonstrating the next, new, cutting-edge advancement in orthodontic care. More than a simple platitude of kid-focused offices, NEO is introducing technology and practices to disrupt the orthodontic industry.

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