6 Reasons to Consider New Early Orthodontics

Thirty years ago, braces where considered bulky, and those who wore them may have been labeled ?nerdy?. Thankfully, it has evolved since then, not just in the technology that makes it more simple and effective, but also in the overall perception.

No longer ?brace face?, kids are excited to get new colored bands and are seeing orthodontics as self- care. Braces and aligners are showing the resources and priority of the wearer, thus removing the stigma once associated to orthodontic care.

NEO is a new concept in orthodontics, demonstrating the next, new, cutting-edge advancement in orthodontic care. More than a simple platitude of kid-focused offices, NEO is introducing technology and practices to disrupt the orthodontic industry.

6 Ways?NEO is Different

  1. Quality Orthodontic Care Without Extractions – Having teeth pulled is painful and costly. Our natural approach focuses on jaw development and facial harmony- a revolutionary concept that deals with whole oral health, breathing, oral habits and education.
  2. Excellent Orthodontics Without Surgery – NEO uses only non-invasive processes for alignment correction. Going to the dentist or orthodontist can already be scary for kids which leads to poor oral care. We reverse that with pain-free solutions to orthodontic concerns.
  3. Options, Options, Options – Early intervention and preventative maintenance are always less expensive, longer lasting and easier. Orthodontics doesn?t have to be any different. When addressed early enough (as early as age 5), traditional braces can be avoided entirely.
  4. Shorter Need for Braces – If your child does require braces, our technology and techniques are so effective, less time is needed in treatment. Less time means less cost to you. Other orthodontics may check-in on progress month over month, but we see real results, quickly.
  5. Financing Choices – We never want finances to be a reason for a child to delay or not receive the orthodontic care they need. This is why we have several financing choices and upfront pricing to help you budget while also meeting a critical need for your child.
  6. Kid-Centric Environment – Yes, an environment that is welcoming, friendly, fun and interactive is important for kids. We want kids to be excited not just about coming to the orthodontist, but in participating in their oral health. Our office is designed for engagement. In fact, you have to see it for yourself to really appreciate how different we are.

NEO means not only new, but a new awakening of something better. It?s revolutionary!

NEO focuses on replacing traditional orthodontic methods with a more enlightened approach and a goal of producing engaging smiles and happy, healthy children.

We invite you to schedule a visit to our office to learn more. Our free consultation will help you see how we are different and what process we would take in your child?s care. Let?s start early. Let?s start healthy. Call us at 303-690-0400 or go to www.neo-smiles.com and explore NEO today.