Straighten Teeth without Braces

by Dr. S. Kent Lauson – New Early Orthodontics

It is a long held belief that teeth can only be straightened with braces. But what if we told you there was another way? (And we don?t mean dentures!)

It?s true! Your kids can get straight teeth without braces, extractions or surgeries if they start early enough. Our kids start as early as age 5 and we treat patients up to age 15, helping them avoid braces, when possible. If traditional braces are needed, we can still help, but without expensive surgery or painful teeth extractions.

How does it work?

At NEO we have discovered that crooked teeth usually means a child?s jaw hasn?t grown properly. We also found this causes more problems that just cosmetic issues such as an over or under bite or teeth crowding. It can cause airway problems resulting in mouth breathing, snoring, TMJ issues, attention and focus issues, sinus problems and even sleep apnea.

When kids come to our office we do an evaluation, including x-rays to determine the next best step in their orthodontic care. Several options are available, including traditional braces, however, the NEO methods have been used around the world to not only get straight teeth without braces, but also correct the other issues associated with incorrect jaw growth.

Treatment time varies, but with an average of 2 years, most patients have faster, less expensive results and avoid traditional braces during their teen years.

But wait, there?s more!

NEO is known for fun. We know that in order for kids to fully engage and participate in their healthy orthodontic habits, they need to find it fun and easy… and gifts seem to help too. That?s why at NEO they are welcomed into a fun and safe environment. The ?scary? dental chairs are out of sight and the kids wear their corrective devices while they complete activities on a kid-friendly app. The dental gear does its magic while kids play to earn prizes.

So, YES, your child can have straight teeth without braces!

We invite you to come in a see the differences in the NEO approach to orthodontic care. No extractions, no surgery, and usually no braces! Yes, that is a different approach for an orthodontist to take! A great smile should always be this easy. Schedule your free consultation today at 303-690-0400 or