Integrative Orthodontics in Lone Tree, CO

Crooked teeth may point to a much bigger problem

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When we start to see signs of crooked teeth it usually means that the jaw is not growing properly.

NEO is setting a new standard for the way orthodontics is performed with our New Early Orthodontic treatment that helps eliminate the need for surgery or extractions.

At NEO, we can shorten the time your child needs to spend in braces, AND, in many cases we can eliminate the need for braces completely!

We use an early interceptive treatment available called?MyoBrace. The results? Half of kids who use MyoBrace never need braces!

No extractions. No surgery. Less Time in Braces = Affordable!

Dr. Holly Baller

Meet Dr. Holly Baller

Dr. Holly is passionate about preventive orthodontics and correcting oral habits at an early age to avoid problems in the future.

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