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Early Orthodontic Treatment Starting at Age 3

Here at New Early Orthodontics we do things much differently! We like to treat the underlying cause of crooked teeth when the problems first appear. Many orthodontic offices like to wait and see what happens. That approach makes treatment much more challenging and takes more time. Starting treatment as early as three years old we are able to catch poor myofunctional habits like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing, and thumb sucking early, as modern research shows these poor habits are the real causes of incorrect jaw development, crowded teeth and other orthodontic problems.


children have:

Poor jaw development

Crowded teeth

These symptoms can become evident when a child is three to four years old. The Myobrace System is most beneficial while a child is still developing. During this time, Myobrace treatment can maximize proper facial development and emphasize good oral habits so a child’s teeth come in straight, the natural way.

NEO offers many treatment options for children of all ages and for a wide variety of orthodontic concerns, with a range of solutions including the Myobrace System, Invisalign Teen and traditional braces.